Phono Cartridge Repair Services

Experience and Expertise

Phono Cartridge Repair provides full repair and refurbishment services for all phono cartridges. Each service begins with a thorough visual inspection of the cartridge body and cantilever/stylus assembly. We then perform any necessary cantilever adjustment or straightening, which aluminum cantilevers often require. If the rubber damper exhibits any hardening or loosening, it will be replaced at this point.

Finally, we will clean and polish the stylus to restore its original appearance and functionality. All sorts of foreign materials and grime build up over the years, and tend to harden like plaque around one’s teeth. This renders the contaminants impossible to remove with ordinary brushes or cleaners. Professional cleaning is therefore an essential part of routine maintenance, and is especially helpful for cartridges that produce more noise as they get closer to the center of the record. Please feel free to reach out to us for pricing or further information.